Branding + UI DESIGN



01. overview


EIKON Audio is a high end, luxurious and ground breaking speaker company striving for elegance and prestige. The main goal for EIKON is with it's advance technology, it would decrease complications to setup and would not need multiple components to function. EIKON Audio was created by Gayle Sanders, who is well know in the Audio Speaker industry. 




Since this is a startup company, EIKON Audio did not have any brand design elements at all. It was brand new and fresh. One difficult thing was to brand an audio company with no prior knowledge about the industry.




I was assigned to develop a mark for EIKON Audio. I made a logo and other deliverables for a trade show such as a brochure, business cards, posters, banners, and the UI Design for their website.


02. research

Competitive Audit

In order to brand EIKON Audio I developed a competitive audit to see what other marks looked like in the industry. Specifically, EIKON Audio speakers are $25,000 per speaker, so I researched speaker company around that price range. From there, I had a better understanding on how to brand EIKON Audio.



Targeted Audience

27-45 year old

People with an appreciation for high quality audio and with enough disposal income. People with an interest in art.

competitive audio-04.jpg

03. design

Preliminary Marks/Final Mark

I explored different variations of sound waves, geometric shapes and incorporated a minimalistic and modern approach. I wanted to keep it clean and slick, yet luxurious. I made variations ranging from wordmarks to emblems and pictorial marks. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 3.32.29 AM.png

For the final mark, we decided to have three bold bars that represent the "E" in EIKON Audio and incorporated the text "Gayle Sanders EIKON" since EIKON was already taken by another company. I used the typeface, Avenir Black and Medium, and a bold black color for the final mark.